Surprise Proposal in Glacier National Park, Montana

The story of Joe and Kirby’s surprise proposal in Glacier National Park during sunrise is crazy!!! It’s one of my highlights as a wedding and elopement photographer and I can’t wait to share this story and these beautiful photos with you. I hope you enjoy it.

Surprise Proposal In Glacier national park in Montana next to the river

Kirby & Joe’s surprise proposal in Glacier National Park

I met these two cuties at the airport on my way to Glacier National Park. My husband and I were sitting down at the airport waiting to board. I saw this cute couple sitting next to us. I asked if they’re headed to Glacier as well? They said yes! So, naturally I asked them if they’d want some photos there since I’m a photographer and I’ve been hoping to photograph a cute couple to get some content. Obviously they said they’d love that! (Not knowing that Joe had a ring in his pocket and he was planning on proposing to Kirby sometime that weekend!)

Joe was very suspicious of me apparently just “randomly” walking up to them and asking for photos. He was thinking to himself, no way… There’s no way that this is random. Is Kirby proposing to me? Does she know this girl? Did she see the ring and set this up? These were all the thoughts going through his mind at the time.

Emotional moment of surprise proposal in Glacier National Park in Montana next to the river with the mountains in the background
Engagement ring photo in Glacier national Park, Montana
Engagement couple hugging and kissing in Glacier National Park with the mountains in the background

As the two of them are sitting in the plane, he tells her: Listen, I don’t know what to tell you but I did NOT set this up. I do not know this person. I do not have a ring for you etc etc. She didn’t suspect a thing. She said that she knows he doesn’t have a ring and that it would just be cool to get some photos in Glacier together! So Kirby and I start messaging each other about times, dates, outfits etc etc. We set a time, we set a date and two days later, they’re picking us up at 5:30am on their way into the park!

Engagement couple sitting together between the blooming flowers on top of Logan's Pass in Glacier National Park

We had such a fun time chatting all the way up the mountain. I even asked Joe jokingly about when he’s going to propose to Kirby etc. (Looking back now I can see why he looked so concerned when I asked. Haha!) When we finally reached the top Kirby and I needed the bathroom. I came back out first and my husband walks over to me and says, listen here, Joe has a ring!!! Like he’s actually planning on proposing right now! I was like no freaking way! For real? I was freaking out from excitement you guys!!!

Next thing you know, we’re taking gorgeous photos all over and by the time we reached our final spot, I position Kirby facing away from Joe for a pose while Joe gets on his knee, Kirby turns around and there it is! The moment she had no idea was happening! (and up until 10minutes before, neither did I, Haha!) Joe asked and as soon as she said yes, he immediately starts sobbing. It was one of the most special moments I’ve witnessed as a photographer and yes I was sobbing too!

I am so happy for them! Congratulations Joe&Kirby on your surprise proposal in Glacier National Park!

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