What to Wear for Engagement Photos: The Ultimate Minnesota Engagement Guide

Choosing what to wear for engagement photos can feel a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry! I’m here to help you navigate the process with ease. Your engagement session is all about capturing the love and connection you share, so let’s make sure your outfits reflect just that. Here’s everything you need to consider when picking the perfect outfits for your engagement photos.

What to Consider When Choosing What To Wear for Your Engagement in Minnesota:

The Weather/Season

The season can significantly influence your wardrobe choices. Each season brings its unique vibe, and your outfits should complement that! Especially in Minnesota where we have all four seasons!

Spring: Think light and airy. Pastel colors, soft pinks, baby blues, and mint greens work beautifully. Floral prints and light fabrics like cotton or linen are perfect.

Summer: Embrace the warmth with slightly brighter, more vibrant colors (not neons!). Coral, turquoise, and sunny yellows pop in summer photos. Light dresses and short sleeves will keep you cool. Consider wearing some fun sandals or wedges, pared with beautiful earrings to complete your summer look! Again, flowing dresses and light wearing materials like linen work super well!

Fall: Rich, earthy tones like burnt orange, mustard yellow, and deep reds are fantastic. Fall is a beautiful time of the year with all the leaves changing into the stunning fall colors. Neutrals or earthy tones work especially well in fall as we don’t want to clash with the nature around us!

Winter: Keep warm with stylish layers. Neutrals, deep blues, maroons and forest greens look stunning against a snowy backdrop. Wool coats, boots, and chic accessories like hats and gloves add a stylish touch.

The Location

Your location can set the tone for your outfits so make sure to match your attire to the environment for a cohesive look.

Beach or Field: Casual and comfortable is the way to go. Think flowy dresses, sandals, and natural, soft colors. Linen and cotton fabrics are ideal. Perfect spots include:

  • Lyndale Rose Garden: From grand expanses to hidden gems, this spot is surrounded by flowers, sculptures and beautiful gardens!
  • Lake Nokomis: A spot with serene surroundings, including a beaches, lakes and evergreen trees.
  • Purgatory Park: A large park with stunning colors in the fall, a beautiful lake and long grass fields for the perfect backdrop in all seasons!

Beautiful Buildings (e.g., University or Church): Go for a more formal look. Elegant dresses, tailored pants, and dress shirts work well. Think classic and timeless pieces that elevate the setting. Great locations include:

Minnesota Locations Based on Your Outfits

North Shore:

  • Black Sand Beach, MN: The black sand beach and scenic views make it a picturesque spot. Opt for earthy tones and neutrals to complement the natural beauty.
  • Palisade Head, MN: Iconic cliff overlooking stunning views of the Lake Superior shoreline.
  • Split Rock Lighthouse: Iconic and dramatic, it’s a great spot for a more formal look. Dress up in elegant, structured outfits that match the grandeur of the location.
  • Tettegouche State Park: Waterfalls, forests, and cliffs for stunning nature shots. Opt for comfortable hiking attire with a touch of outdoor elegance.

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  • Boom Island Park: Offers great views of the city skyline and the Mississippi River. Dress in casual-chic styles that reflect urban charm.
  • Stone Arch Bridge: Historic and architectural beauty with stunning river views. Think sophisticated urban attire with a touch of vintage flair.
  • St. Anthony Main: Cobblestone streets and charming buildings for a cozy feel. Opt for romantic, relaxed styles that complement the quaint surroundings.
  • Minnehaha Falls: Beautiful waterfall and surrounding park for a natural setting. Flowy dresses, casual separates, and comfortable footwear are ideal for a relaxed yet stylish look.
Couple promising next to the Boston bridge in Fall

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Final Tips and Takeaways:

While matching outfits might seem cute, coordinated outfits are much more visually appealing!

Try not to Twin

Avoid wearing identical outfits like blue jeans and white shirts. Instead, choose colors that complement each other. If one wears a patterned piece, the other should wear a solid color that matches one of the hues in the pattern.

Coordinate Colors

For example, if your partner is wearing a navy suit, you might opt for a dress with a floral print that includes navy accents.

Avoid Certain Styles

To keep your photos timeless and flattering, steer clear of these:

  • Neons: They can be harsh and unflattering in photos.
  • Bold Patterns and Prints: These can be distracting and may clash with your background.
  • Risque Clothing: Choose outfits that you feel comfortable and confident in, avoiding anything too revealing or that you have to adjust constantly.

What Works Well

These certain styles and colors always look great in photos:

  • Neutrals and Pastels: Shades like beiges, creams, blush, and baby blues are universally flattering.
  • Dusty Colors: These include dusty rose, sage green, and slate blue. They offer a muted, romantic look.
  • Nature Colors: Think earthy tones like olive green, rust, and taupe.
  • Linen and Cotton: These fabrics look great on camera and move beautifully, adding a touch of elegance. Think linens, blues and neutral hues ;).

Props and Outfit Changes

Apart from knowing what to wear for engagement photos adding props or an outfit change can enhance the creativity and depth of your engagement photos! Props such as champagne, hats, or a cozy blanket can infuse personality and whimsy into your photos, reflecting your hobbies or shared interests as a couple. Meanwhile, incorporating an outfit change provides versatility and allows you to capture different moods and styles throughout your session. Beginning with a formal attire and transitioning into something more casual can create a dynamic visual narrative, ensuring your photos capture the essence of both elegance and relaxation.

Engagement Session Ideas

Engagement Session Ideas

Your engagement session is a chance to showcase your unique relationship. Here are some fun and romantic ideas:

  • Ice Cream Date: Capture sweet moments at your favorite ice cream shop.
  • Coffee Shop: A cozy session at a local coffee shop can be intimate and charming.
  • Brewery: If you’re beer enthusiasts, a brewery can provide a laid-back and fun atmosphere.
  • Walk in the Park: Natural settings like parks offer beautiful backdrops and a relaxed feel.
  • Picnic at the Beach: A picnic set up by the water can be incredibly romantic and scenic.
  • Walk Downtown: Strolling through the city can capture the urban vibe and your favorite spots around town.

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Remember, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and true to yourself. These photos are about capturing your love story, so choose outfits that reflect who you are as a couple! Trust your photographer (that’s me!) to guide you through the process and make your engagement session a memorable experience. I hope this guide helps you on your journey in choosing what to wear for engagement photos!

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Minnesota wedding and engagement photographer
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