Top 10 Elopement Day Activities

Wondering what activities to do on your elopement day? Look no further! I’ve created this guide to share The Top 10 Elopement Day Activities to make your experience an absolute epic one!

Why Add Activities Into Your Elopement Day Timeline?

South Dakota Elopement couple at badlands national park

Adding activities that you two love doing onto your elopement day will make the day feel like SO MUCH more than just a fancy photoshoot! It’s a way to truly embrace this intimate and unique experience! You two get to customize your elopement day down to every last detail! Therefore, adding in some elopement day activities is a great way to make the day even more memorable and exciting! So let’s jump into the Top 10 Elopement Day Activities:

Helicopter Ride

One of the most epic elopement day activities is a helicopter ride! This is such an incredible activity to add onto your elopement! It’s a great way to get to absolute incredible views on top of a mountain without hiking all the way in your wedding attire! It feels luxurious and exclusive and makes for awesome photos as well!

Top 10 elopement activities-Helicopter ride elopement activity over the Black Hills National Forrest in South Dakota


If you both love the outdoors and being active, doing a hike is an incredible way to spend your special day together! It can be an easy hike or a more challenging one – it’s completely up to you guys!

Top 10 elopement activities-hiking at the badlands in South Dakota

Canoe Ride/Boat Tour

There’s something about being on the water that has such a calming effect! Consider going for a canoe ride to a secluded spot or taking a romantic boat tour down a scenic river! These are both great options to just be together and take it all in!

Elopement couple having a canoe ride for their elopement in Minnesota

Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is another amazing elopement day activity to experience awesome panoramic views from high above!

Hot air balloon elopement in New Mexico - Top 10 Elopement activities

Safari Drive

Driving through the wild and getting up close with some of the most amazing animals you’ve ever seen is an absolute epic adventure to experience together on your elopement day!

Horseback Riding

Go on a horseback ride together through the mountains and experience the beautiful scenery without having to hike all the way in your wedding attire!

Horseback riding elopement activity in Arizona


This is such an intimate and romantic activity to do at the end of the day to reflect and take it all in! You can even have a little fire going together and roast some marshmallows!

Stargazing elopement activity in washington

Jeep Tour

If you feel like going off roading and doing something fun, yet exhilarating- a jeep ride is a great elopement day activity for you two!

Jeep tour through Utah

Hot Tubbing

Imagine getting into a steamy hot tub overlooking an incredible view! This can be done together either in the morning before getting ready or at the end of the day when you’re getting undressed and winding down! Or both! Either way, this is a relaxing, yet intimate elopement day activity to do!

Natural hot water springs in Utah

Downhill Skiing

If you’re eloping in the winter and you both love skiing – then this is the elopement day activity for you! Surrounded by beautiful mountains covered in white snow, it sure will make for great pictures!

Downhill Skiing couple in Colorado

I hope this guide helped you choose some awesome activities to add onto your elopement day! If you’re still looking for an elopement photographer to capture your epic day – Please don’t hesitate to reach out HERE! I would absolutely love to connect with you!

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