If you’ve ever been to the salt flats, you’ll know why it’s such a popular elopement spot! It’s vast and beautiful and one of the easiest spots to get to! There’s no hiking required, there is a ton of free parking (you can even drive on the Flats) and you are guaranteed to find a secluded spot somewhere out there to have your special day!

How to Elope at the Salt Flats in Utah

Angel’s Landing is one of the most dangerous hikes in the world! But the views are incredible! You’re probably wondering how on earth does one even elope here? Well…allow me to share some tips!

Tips for Eloping at Angel’s Landing in Zion

If you’re thinking about eloping in Utah or Arizona, there are only a thousand different places to choose from depending on what you want. From red rocks towering above your head like skyscrapers with blue lakes shimmering in between, to vast desert sand dunes as far as the eye can see with the softest sand between your toes, these two states are their own brand of magic! Not even to mention up North in the mountain regions of Utah where you can ski year round!

Where to Elope in Utah/Arizona?

I was lucky enough to capture Jaydon and Kelsee’s beautiful wedding photos at the Navajo Point outlook in the Grand Canyon. As these two said their vows to each other, overlooking the valleys of the Grand Canyon, taking in the slight breeze as the sun went down, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect day!

Where to get married in the Grand Canyon!

Winter is such a beautiful time of the year on the North Shore! You really can’t go wrong with thick blankets of pure white snow covering beautiful red-rock cliffs and pine trees. But don’t worry! If Winter is not your preferred time to get married, the North Shore is beautiful all year round! So whether you too are considering sharing your vows with frozen waterfalls and lakes as your backdrop, or maybe you want beautiful fall leaves and clear blue lakes, The North Shore has some incredible options! Making it an unforgettable wedding spot! Here are some valuable information if you’re considering getting married on the North Shore in Minnesota!

Eloping on The North Shore in Minnesota